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Residential Renovation

Residential New build

Optimizing building performance

Kwadijk, The Netherlands

Residential retrofit

Climetric provided sustainable design input for the retrofit of a residential building in Kwadijk. By our input, overinsulating was prevented and natural strategies such as solar shading and stack ventilation were implemented. Resulting in cheaper construction costs and a lower annual energy bill.


Maasdriel, The Netherlands

Jasper Knoop

The design by Jasper Knoop features a shaping double-story-oriented, fully-glazed facade overlooking the property. Using our parametric Climetric design process, we have reduced the number of days to be warm from 121 to 36 days. And the days that it would be hot from 21 to 5 days. All of this without using any cooling. By using detailed analysis, we could use the stratification of hot air in the room by combining the room height with a separate hot air extract fan, which significantly improves thermal comfort. We were able to make your building BENG-compliant with a generic heat pump, without utilizing tight seals. By doing so, we left the client a lot of room to choose the right system for his needs.


Helvoirt, The Netherlands

Shaping Matters - Rick & Miriam

Sustainable living is so much more than just saving energy. It's about innovation, creativity, and comfort. Shaping Matters liveable design for Rick and Miriam showcases this nicely. Rick created an innovative way to keep the building comfortable, which is embedded in the core of the building's design. Thanks to our detailed engineering and modelling, we were able to support the systems development process by testing the feasibility of the system. This system is incredibly promising--it's an inexpensive way to create a working system that matches the efficiency of an TABS system with a groundsource heatpump. We are now in the details-engineering stage for Rick and Miriam's project.

NON-Residential Renovation

non-Residential New build

Optimizing building performance

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