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Freebee Stage (TBC)

Free Design Consultation



Concepts for typology

Quick climate analysis

Are you interested but not sure what to do? Book a 30min session with us and we can talk it through with you. What strategies would be promising for your project? Will they fit your budget? Only share with us that what you are comfortable with. But the more you share the better we can assist you.


System Concept Design

1 - 2 weeks


Technical and financial analysis

Key design 


System design stage 1 costs

This is where we get down to details on how well the product is expected to work.  We use hourly weather, building fabric and usage data to determine the impact of the product on building energy consumption and comfort conditions.  We also provide a capital and running cost estimate, compared to financial savings.
What we need:

  • Information as per feasibility

  • Plans, elevations, sections

  • More detailed building information – target lighting power, equipment loads, etc.

€425 - €2395

System Detail Design

1 - 2 weeks



Introduction session with the contractor.

Detailed component specifications

and costs in collaboration

with the relevant contractor.

We provide the relevant design team member with detailed information on which system components are needed, along with key parameters as applicable, such as temperature setpoints, pipe lengths, spacing, etc. 
What we need:

  • Tender stage drawings from relevant project team members

€775 - 2695

S Concept
S Design

Design Implementation Support 

1 - 2 weeks


Coordination meetings with relevant project team members

Review of drawings by relevant team members (e.g. architect)

We liaise with the relevant contractors and ensure that the product is well understood, incorporated into shop drawings and key parameters not left out during the construction phase. 


We ensure that the product is constructed as intended by design.

€695 - €1000

Site Implementation Support

1 week


On site support

On site commissioning

Site visits, implementation review and reports.  System testing and trouble shooting.

Site visits only in NL and SA. Contact us for a site visit of other locations.

€450 - €750

Post Installation Management

Timing dependant on construction


System performance measurements and report

First-year system tweaking based on measurements.

We measure the system’s performance post installation, and make suggestions on how set-points can be altered to improve efficiency.  First year system tweaking and optimization.

€1375 - 2695

D Support
S Support
P Management
Not sure which solution you require?
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